Seasonal Reminders

Now is the time to double check all information on your policy.  Have you provided us with information regarding any changes to your operation?  Please consider the following:

  • Any changes to entity type, name, tax id number, or marital status?
  • Have you established a trust?
  • Any changes to SBI’s (any person or entity with a substantial beneficial interest in the policy/entity)?

The information on your policy must match how it is carried at FSA.  Because this is a federally sponsored program, regulations state that the crop insurance policy can be deemed “not valid” if any of the above information is not listed properly on the policy.  Please double check.

Accurate Acreage Reporting

When you are preparing your “Acreage Reporting Form”, please remember to report ALL ACRES planted to that crop in the county which you have a share in.  If it is the first time the crop will be planted on a field (added land, new practice, etc.) there may not be a unit set up on the reporting form.  In this instance you must write the information in on the bottom of the form.  Also, make sure to report any acres that are going to be grazed out.  Unreported acres cause issues at claim time and can result in a reduced claim payment or unpaid claim situation.  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK YOUR REPORTED ACRES. 

Claim Reporting

Please notify us as soon as you suspect that you may have a loss on an insured crop.  Also, we must be notified BEFORE you take any alternative action on your insured crop.  There is no harm in reporting a potential claim and then discovering that it is not a loss situation.  Requirements for claim reporting is that it must be reported to our office within 15 days of harvesting the unit.  Timely loss reporting is very important and helps us to avoid difficult situations such as a denied claim.

Fall Harvest Reminders

Fall harvest is getting started.  Please remember to keep these things in mind.

  • Keep harvested production on all units separate, even if you have to take a small load to the elevator.  Separate records are required for both claims and proof of production.
  • Remember to report 100% of the production for each unit.
  • Let us know immediately if you think you have a potential loss.
  • Please provide us with a proof of yield document along with your production reporting form.  This is necessary for claims as well as documenting reported production.