Planting Dates

Planting Dates

Earliest Planting Date  The earliest date the insured may plant an insured agricultural commodity and qualify for a replanting payment if such payments are authorized.  If a commodity is planted prior to this date, the crop is not eligible for a replanting payment, but is still insurable.


Final Planting Date-  The date for the insured crop by which the crop must initially be planted in order to be insured for the full production guarantee or amount of insurance per acre.  Crops planted after the final plant date are considered in the “late planting period.”

2019 wheat final plant dates

2019 Kansas Corn final plant date2019 Kansas Milo final plant date2019 Kansas soybean final plant


Late Planting Period-  The period that begins the day after the final planting date for the insured crop.  For acreage planted during the late planting period, coverage is reduced.  The length of the late planting period varies by crop.   In most cases it is as follows:

Corn:  20 days

Grain Sorghum:  25 days

Soybeans:  25 days

Wheat:  15 days

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